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Tales from the Mile High Club

A girl of many talents...

19th October 2014

It has always been a fantasy of mine to join the mile high club. Spending a lot of time at airports without actually having the chance to board a plane and enjoy a naughty romp is a huge frustration. I know a couple of girls who have made a hobby out of making love in the clouds and they claim there is nothing more erotic or arousing than having a fumble when the lights go down in business class and you have had a couple of glasses of champagne and a long flirt with some guy you have only just met. One of these girls, Susannah, is something of a wild child and she deliberately targets married men! She jokes about how they try to slip off the wedding ring without her knowing, as if that makes it all alright!

Being an airport escort I see lots of people going off on holiday or on business flights and there is a special kind of energy about them. It’s as if an extra light bulb has been turned on in their life. That’s one of the reasons it is so much fun to give a sensual massage at Gatwick Airport or Heathrow airport or any one of the airports in the London and Luton areas. The men and women I meet are really up for a good time and I am more than willing to oblige – I am proud of the quality of my sensual massage and I am a very talented escort, one of the best escorts at Airport Escorts or at Berkshire Escorts in fact. Well, I’ve never had any complaints but I sure as hell have had plenty of compliments. Book me today and find out for yourself.