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The very definition of desire

31st October 2014

In a dictionary of desire the letter A would stand for adorable, attractive and allure but none of these words can match the many qualities displayed by the sensual and nubile girls of Airport Escorts. Take the word ‘adorable’ for example. It implies that someone is to be admired and worshipped from afar, that she is somehow cute and appealing yet not attainable, almost not a flesh and blood woman. A similar criticism could be levied at the word ‘attractive’ which suggests a kind of virginal prettiness, an inane and bland appearance – the girl is attractive but not stunning, one who can turn heads but not particularly turn a man on. Allure is a kind of mystical quality, an unknown quantity but yet again fails to paint a picture of unbridled lust and desire.

Instead for the hot girls at Airport Escorts and Local Escorts I would suggest A stands for amazing, attainable and not a little amour! These girls are sex on a stick desirable, they know how to make a man feel special and their talent for an intimate and sensual massage cannot be overstated. In fact these girls are the very definition of desire and next to that word in the dictionary it should read: a quality aroused by the very sight of an Airport Escort, a girl who fuels a man’s fire and liberates his libido! But enough of this foray into the realms of loquacious verbosity and wordiness. Book an Airport Escort today and experience a taste of desire first hand!