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Tales from the Mile High Club

What happens in Vegas...

3rd September 2012

Prince Harry has an eye for a pretty girl if you believe the morning’s papers. Apparently he got up all close and personal with a naked lap dancer. To be fair to the lad he has great taste, as the girl in question, thirty two year old Carrie Reichert is a real blonde babe. The official line is that it’s not true but with the story coming hot on the heels of the naked pool party rumpus the press and the public are lapping up all things Harry and sexy girls! Perhaps the third in line to the throne should give the girls at Airport Escorts the once over? He would have a right royal time with one or more of these busty escort stunners and that’s a fact! Though he should stick off the booze if he really wants to enjoy and remember the experience – according to Carrie the young fella was ‘wasted’! Perhaps that’s why he let his guard slip and he ended up snogging the older woman?

According To Carrie, the drunken prince pressed his private parts up against a glass door and made the following decree: “Look at me Vegas, these are the crown jewels”! What a saucy young lad he is though the palace have refuted Carrie’s version of events going so far as to say that she wasn’t even there… Expect more raunchy revelations soon as there are bound to be quite a few more good time girls just waiting to enjoy their twenty minutes of fame – or should I say day in the sun given it’s Vegas we are talking about?